This is Amy. This is Dev. Go.

A sketch comedy series from these two. Uh-oh...

Amy and Dev were roommates at Cal State Northridge (CSUN). They never seemed to tire of each other, instead always finding more and more elaborate characters and stories to crack each other up. THAT was the real start of the Amy and Dev Show.

Now they are writing and acting them out for our cameras. Every sketch is different, but every sketch is from the two-head mind of Amy and Dev.


Amy Urbina


Amy was Devereau's roommate in college. Now they are still acting out the characters they make up, just in front of our cameras.

Devereau Chumrau


Devereau was Amy's college roommate. She and Amy entertained each other with hammy voices and characters. Still does.


Angelina Ramsey

Director, Camera, Editor

Angelina Ramsey is one of those rare breeds in Los Angeles; a native. A not so rare quality however is she’s in the “biz!” This triple threat Director, Editor, and Producer has been creating films since junior high school. In the vein of Goldilocks, Angelina attended three different schools for film until she found where she belonged. She attended CSUN, USC, and ultimately The Los Angeles Film School, where she received her Film Degree. A fun fact about Miss Ramsey is that she and Amy have been the closest of friends since high school! Angelina, an aspiring film director, and Amy a talented young actress: once friends they found every excuse in the book to film and shoot together as often as they could. When most teens were at the local soda shop, Angelina and Amy were making movies and have been inseparable ever since. So much so that Angelina likes to take credit for discovering Amy... her true muse since being in the industry. Within the last few years Amy has extended the friendship and creative team by introducing Angelina to Dev and Ryan - the cosmic force they've created in front of and behind the camera has been unstoppable ever since. When Angie isn't on set, in the editing bay or watching a movie with her man and two kitty cats, you can find her at the Arclight or the Arclight cafe enjoying a dirty Bombay martini... 3 olives. One of her favorite past times is crying her eyes out during the Oscars, with a cold Blue Moon in one hand and a kitty cat in the other. Angelina also has an almost unhealthy obsession with Lady Gaga, Pixar, and Comic Books.

Ryan Nance

Writer, Producer, Walking Prop

Ryan Scott Nance hasn't ever been to Turkey, not once. Nor ever to Saint Peter's Basilica. Never has he made a living selling potatoes. There was a time when he did travel, but that time has passed. There was a moment, a decade ago, when the faint smell of mildew in the stacks of the Butler Library was reward enough. There will be a day, in the not too far-off tomorrows, when he will try to use whatever it is he has at hand to make you happy. Today is not that day. In the meantime, he has poems that he has written in hopes they will feel good on your tongue and he has websites he hopes will let you do what you want to do and finds a lot of the things in the world fascinating.