Although she was born in Miami, Amy Urbina is originally from Los Angeles, California.  She loves to make people laugh even if it’s at her own expense. The fact that she loves Crossfit and chocolate is a clear indication that she believes in the balancing forces of the universe. She received her Masters in Acting at The University of Missouri, Kansas City (where she taught acting to undergrads), after getting a BA in Theatre Arts from California State University, Northridge. Amy has worked with great reputable theatre companies such as The Independent Shakespeare Company in Los Angeles in productions of Cyrano where she played Roxanne, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Macbeth and played Desdemona in Othello. Amy loves to travel and is always ready for an adventure. In 2012 Amy went to Chile to help rebuild homes for the families affected by the 2010 tsunami, and assisted in helping build a medical facility in Mexico at Rancho Sordo Mudo in 2013.